Silver State Token LLC



Our philosophy and program is very simple. Get into gold and silver before it gets prohibitive. We place people into claims and offer ownership with us in those claims. We have multiple programs that we can tailor to help do that.

  Company's office is in Reno, NV; domiciled in Wyoming.

  Co-owned by Tim Parrott in Reno, NV; Fred Clark in           Bradenton, FL.


  We issue a utility token called the SST (Silver State Token) at $1/token for only one purpose:

       TO ACQUIRE ownership in one of the gold and silver claims owned by the company.


                1,000 tokens = 2.3% Ownership 


  The company continues to accumulate claims in proximity of proven precious metal deposits in Nevada and California.


      THE OBJECTIVE is to acquire 200 claims (each claim is 20.66 acres) toward 4,132 acres and lease to a U.S. or Canadian operating firm and receive monthly royalties.



As the world recovers from the pandemic, there will be cracks in the national and global economies, all expected to falter. The demand for gold as individuals, corporations, governments or speculators will far exceed the supply.


We believe this is of interest to anyone looking into the future and wondering what will be left.

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The digital age is here and global currencies are being reset. What are you doing to protect what is yours and prepare for the future? Will you have control of your finances or allow another entity to manage and control your labor, intellectual property, goods, and services? 


SILVER STATE TOKEN, LLC made the conscious decision to move everything to an asset that provides those freedoms by creating a gold backed token capable of being used anywhere, anytime, controlled by the individual for use across a wide variety of markets. Because the LLC owns several properties with added value above, within, and on the soil, we have confidence that no matter what is created, gold will still reign supreme and if required, can service those with ownership in the organization.

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Silver State Token LLC