Managing Partner

Managing Partner

  Tim Parrott

Mr. Parrott comes with years of experience and service in business development, technical engineering management, program development, site development and management and currently holds real estate licenses in Nevada and California. His degrees in architecture, engineering and finance puts him in a unique position along with years of experience to navigate through diverse and challenging technical or business transactions and programs. In addition he is a published writer and global entrepreneur.


Managing Partner

  Fred Clark

Fred originally started in telecommunications in the phone industry, the Army and with the Philco Corporation.

In 1965 after two years in Viet Nam,  he decided to change directions, became married and entered the real estate business becoming the first Better Homes and Gardens broker. In 1981 Fred moved to Florida becoming involved in commercial real estate and the world of exchanging, which is his forte. Exchanges of real estate or personal property in the U.S. as well as abroad, are common to his business.