SILVER STATE TOKEN, LLC is a Wyoming LLC and is international in its efforts. We encourage taking ownership in the company through trades of value or cash. Primarily we are a company that owns several mines ranging from gold, silver, to opals and other precious minerals and gems. This provides confidence that in the tokens received, they will continue to maintain some value no matter what state of value a national or global currency may or may not have. The tokens we issue are non-sovereign, peer -to- peer, wallet to wallet. They are digital in nature and protected by you serving your own interests. If having control of your own efforts, business, investment or day to day exchange activities are of interest to you please contact us.


We sell Memberships based on units of $10,000, with half percent (.05 %) per share and 10,000 gold back tokens.

Any other investment amount is proportional. Investments start at $500 in $500 increments with ownership percentages adjusted per investment amount.

If interested we can discuss how you wish to accomplish this. Just use any of the emails on the Contacts page.


We have been known to accept rare books to corporate stocks and everything in between. The primary stipulation is it must have value over $10,000 U.S. with clear title. We've used a variety of systems and solutions to move those Don’t Wants, must get rid of’s, sleeping equity, and closet cash. While based in Nevada, we have an international base and presence. We love those - must get rid of's, sleeping equity, and closet cash.

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Silver State Token LLC